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PowerPoint 2007 Assignment


Quincy Engineering is a mechanical and industrial design company that specializes in designing and building manufacturing plants throughout the world. As a sales division manager, one of your duties is to evaluate and recommend projects. You just got back from a trip to the Hubei province in the People's Republic of China where Quincy Engineering has just opened a communication channel to explore building a manufacturing plant infrastructure. Use the following information to create a presentation where you make a recommendation to the Board of Directors:

1.     Create a title slide to introduce your presentation.

2.     Vision slide - create a vision statement and insert a piece of clip art.

3.     Objectives slide - develop government relationship; build 2 plants in Chen Lau province by 2008.

4.     Current Status slide - provide current status. Identify situation in China . Use clip art to enhance the slide.

5.     Available Options slide - Identify three strategies that Quincy Engineering could take to secure this multi-million dollar deal. For example, one strategy might be to continue working with the Wuhun government, or align with another company to secure the deal. Create and format a table to hold this information.

6.     Growth Potential slide - Create and format a chart to show growth potential if a contract was secured. The chart should show projected sales figures, projected expense figures, and projected profit figures for the years 2005-2008. The numbers in the chart should show steady growth in sales and expenses each year. Show a profit loss the first year and profit gains the other three.

7.     Recommendations slide - Choose one of the three strategies from above and list points that support which one you recommend.

8.     Set slide show transitions and animation effects. Animate chart elements and bullet points in the presentation.

9.     Include your name in the footer text.

10.  Save your presentation as Your Name_QuincyEngineering.

11.  Close the file, and exit PowerPoint. 
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