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Date :   2013-02-08 19:37:51 GMT
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Processor :
Intel Core i7-3770K 
ps : you can find it here with the same price at 
SandStorm Store 

Motherboard :
you can chose any of the high ends that you like from 
Asus / Gigabyte / Asrock  
it has to be socket LGA 1155 to work with the CPU
you can chose the MB based of the number of USBs you need /
how many GPUs your going to use and if you needed a good in Board sound card
i usually go with ASUS but gigabyte and asrock as good as asus 

ps : you can find the Gigabyte here with the same price at 
SandStorm Store 

GPU : 
you can go with Nvidia or AMD 
gamers usually go with Nvidia i prefer AMD for no reason 
but go with the
ASUS GeForce GTX 680 DirectCU II OC

for AMD go with 
ASUS 7970 GHz 

RAM : 
go for 8gb or 16GB 
i recommend Kingston Hyper X  
ps : you can find it here with the same price at 
SandStorm Store 

get a liquid cooling system for the CPU
i am using

Storage : 
you can go with an SSD for the system 120GB 
and an HDD for your games and files 
but i'd recommend you buying a 512gb SSD for system and games 
and an HDD for your files 
ocz vertex 4 is a great SSD 

Stuff you can buy here with a good price : 
Case : nzxt phantom 410 or nzxt phantom 820 
Motherboard : Gigabyte or Asrock you will find them here 
liquid cooling system : intel 
AMD GPU : HIS 7970 Ghz 
Ram : Kingston hyper X 

all of these items you can find them in SandStorm store  

stuff you have to buy online 
ASUS motherboard 
Nvidia GPU
SSD and HDD 

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